Tour Preview

Not everything in your 8-location tour is featured here, as we don’t want to spoil your experience. Enjoy a taste of what’s to come on our NY Ghost Tour:

What's on my ghost tour?

Washington Square National Park

This park is no walk in the park. Built on the site of a Native American burial ground, the park was used as a site for mass graves for tens of thousands of the unfortunate. Washington Square Park has also been the site of lethal disease outbreaks and suicides. Tread here carefully.


Pirate's Den

More than a handful of secret dealings were carried out behind the inconspicuous brick facade of the Pirate’s Den. A notorious speakeasy during prohibition and a home for the mistress of New York City’s most corrupt mayor, The Pirates Den still echoes with the shouts of wild abandon and violent decadence from the era of Prohibition. Not everyone got to escape the secret rooms alive.

Mark Twain House

Another literary icon’s spirit dwells in New York City. Mark Twain’s ghost has been seen, along with at least 22 other ghosts, at this “House of Death.” Although Twain briefly lived at the residence, his spirit seems to have resided there longer. How and why could this be?

One If By Land, Two If By Sea

One If By Land, Two If By Sea is not only a restaurant, but home to at least one notable spirit: Theodosia Burr, daughter of Aaron Burr. What is now the restaurant was once part of Aaron Burr’s estate. His ghost has also been seen here, perhaps to be with his beloved daughter once again. Fans of the Broadway musical Hamilton will not want to miss this location.