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The Montauk Monster

The Montauk Monster

Posted on September 21, 2020

In another article on this site. we talked about the sketchy comings and goings of Plum Island, right off the coast of Long Island. A place that immersed in all manner of highly icky conspiracy theori... Read More

The Bio Terror of Plum Island

Posted on September 21, 2020

Sources: wikimediaOff the coast of New York, lays a conspiracy theorist wet dream... PLUM ISLAND. A place shrouded with mystery, full weird tales, and seeped in deep foreboding lore. The place ev... Read More

Ghost Mountain: UFOs, Wooly Mammoths, Ghosts and Albino Cannibals.

Posted on September 19, 2020

Located in Upper Bucks, Ghost Mountain is a hodgepodge of geological formations matched in their splendor only by their buffet of supernatural occurrences and bizarre folklore legends.Terrors that... Read More

The Jersey Devil.

The Jersey Devil.

Posted on August 23, 2020

In New Jersey and Philadelphia lore, the Jersey Devil or the Leeds Devil is a cryptid said to dwell the Pine Barrens of South Jersey; the place they filmed THAT epic Soprano's episode... It's not ju... Read More

The Madness of Roosevelt Island

Posted on August 19, 2020

There are certain hotspots in Americana that make your mind go wonky... just by looking at them. You simply know, at a core level that there is something wrong. That human greed, impatience, apathy, m... Read More

Typhoid Mary; her history, her passions, her secrets, her crimes, and her ghosts.

Posted on April 17, 2020

Mary Mallon, also known as Typhoid Mary, was a cook born on September 23, 1869, whose claim to fame and infamy is widely known thanks to a Marvel Character and a rather odious slander. Mary, over the ... Read More

Top 10 Most Haunted Places in New York

Posted on March 15, 2020

The Empire State of New York is rich with history and is home to some places were legends are immortalized. If you’re a fan of baseball, hit up the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. Of course, t... Read More

St. Mark’s Church In-The-Bowery

Posted on November 19, 2019

New York City is well known for having a vibrant and colorful history. The city is full of unique sections that are made up of communities that have sprung up around buildings, each with their own bea... Read More

Mulberry Street

Posted on November 17, 2019

New York City is well known for its diverse and ethnic neighborhoods. You can work your way through all the boroughs of Manhattan and experience cultures from around the world. These neighborhoods hav... Read More

Hotel Chelsea

Posted on November 17, 2019

The Chelsea Hotel can be found at 222 West 23rd Street. It is between eight and seventh avenue. It is a brick building featuring beautiful bold red bricks. It has two different styles. It features a Q... Read More